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Image by Jason Leung


If you're on the hunt for a quick-witted performer with a scary amount of characters living inside his larynx, Michael is the spritely, gender-queer actor you've been searching for.  Michael uses both they/them and he/him pronouns interchangeably, and is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community!  (Your questions about this are more than welcome.)  Having been trained at NYU / Tisch in Musical Theater and starting their career on stage, Michael is also prepared to take on your singing roles accompanied by lackluster jazz squares in your sound booth.

My Happy Marriage 

Voicing the adorable, hopeless romantic, Koji Tatsuishi, you can hear Michael in his first supporting lead VO role on all 13 episodes of My Happy Marriage – streaming on Netflix, now!



Coming soon –– tune into this Y.A. audiodrama produced by Wondery / AT WILL MEDIA (14 Days with Felicity, Sorry Charlie Miller), featuring three characters voiced by Michael Lorz, later this year.


From angsty Warped Tour teens to lovably bumbling alien henchman, check out the 10+ characters voiced by Michael in this sci-fi comedy podcast based on the strange Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory!



Animation Reel - Michael Lorz

Motion Capture

Pre-Vis Capture Artist for:

Planters Peanuts, Super Bowl Spots - Oct. 2019 (Super Bowl 2020)

Coca Cola “Banter” Campaign - Dec 2019

Cheetos / Dollar General - Oct. 2019

JP Morgan ChaseFall 2019

Corona - Sept. 2019

Charmin Bears - Aug. 2019

Pepsi Super Bowl Spots - July 2019 (Super Bowl 2020)

Oculus “The World Beyond” - July 2019

Samsung, Galaxy Note10 “Alpaca" - June 2019

Mucinex, “Mr. Mucus.” - June 2019

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